Organic powder Liquorice 0062
Ingredients: Liquorice Organic products, Spices, Price 2,27EUR Le Terre di Zoè Code 0062
Organic powder Liquorice Organic products Spices Spices
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Organic powder Liquorice

Organic powder Liquorice Le terre di zoè
  • Category:Spices
  • Brand:Le Terre di Zoè
  • Code:0062
  • Ean:8052740240408

Ingredients: Liquorice

Price: € 2,50 Vat included

Organic powder Liquorice

Ingredients: Liquorice

Instructions for storage

Keep in a cool, dry place away from heat and light sources

Recommendations for use

Spices can be used to flavor foods and drinks, adding them during cooking or as a final dusting. Licorice is recommended for embellishing delicate risottos, white meats and desserts.

Nutritional table relative to 100 g/ml
  • Package:15 gr
  • Deadline (months):24
  • Energy (KJ):-
  • Carbohydrates:-
  • Sugars:-
  • Fat:-
  • Saturated fats:-
  • Protein:-
  • Salts:-
Certified Organic Products
Certified Organic Products

The "Le terre di zoè" brand is assigned only to products with certified organic ingredients of our own production or purchased from selected suppliers.
The transformation from fruit to product takes place the day after the harvest in our certified ORGANIC laboratory.


All processing is done the old-fashioned, artisanal way. Using traditional methods that have been updated for health and safety and are monitored using modern equipment, we give the same attention and love to our products as our grandmothers did, pursuing the highest quality standards.

No sugar added
No sugar added

The products of the "Le terre di zoè" line contain only fruit sugar, which preserve the true flavour of the fruit and make the products as healthy as possible!s

Only Seasonal Fruit
Only Seasonal Fruit

To better capture the flavour of the fruit, we only process our seasonal fruit, grown on our land in Calabria and harvested only when ripe. This is the only way to ensure full flavour during processing.

Gluten Free No Allergens
Gluten Free No Allergens

The products of Le terre di zoè are gluten-free and do not contain allergens. We produce the fruit used as raw ingredients, and the laboratory used for processing does not process or come into contact with foods that contain gluten and / or allergens.
Our laboratory processes only non-nut fruit.

Without thickeners, dyes and preservatives
Without thickeners, dyes and preservatives

The products of the Le terre di zoè line do not contain thickeners, colouring, or preservatives. We thicken our compotes using the high content of natural pectin contained in the fruit. The natural colour is preserved by vacuum cooking. Long conservation is guaranteed by heat treatment.


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