Main characteristics of  " Le terre di zoe’ " products are naturalness and craftsmanship.

Main features of Organic Jams and Marmalades are the hight fruit content , corrensponding with the 82% of the product, without adding any preservatives or pectin.
Organic Juices based on citrus fruits ( orange, ginger and orange , clementine ) have 100 % fruit content and any sugar added. Citrus Juices are obtained pressing fresh fruits.
Organic Nectars based on kiwi and kiwi and ginger contain 60 % of fruit and represent an innovation in the juices world. They can be consumed in a flexible way, at breakfast time, for a snack or they can be an ingredient for an aperitif.
Another key feature of " Le terre di zoè " products is the certification " gluten-free" and since April 2014, Marmalades and Jams will be included in the Manual managed by the Italian Celiac Disease, Association, as safety products.