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Food and Wine Tours Le terre di zoè

Typical dishes, wine and folklore ..... these are the winning characteristics of Le terre di zoè.

Calabrian cuisine is philosophically crafted around the goodness, quality, and authenticity of its raw ingredients, cooked in a simple way that respects the base flavours.

Here you can taste fabulous platters of cold cuts and cheeses typical of the area, such as:

nduja di spilinga: very special spicy sausage, so tender that it can be spread on bread. It is made from the most delicate cuts of pork (the belly, head and thigh) and flavoured with abundant chilli.
soppressata: prepared with the leanest part of the thigh and fillet
capocollo: prepared with the leanest part of the head and fillet
pecorino del Monte Poro: this cheese is made from sheep-goat milk from the Moscia Calabrese breed;
caciocavallo silano: semi-hard stretched-curd cheese, to be eaten fresh or seasoned; Calabrian ricotta, flavoured with honey, prepared from goat or sheep milk


You can taste, either directly in our cellar or comfortably in the farmhouse, wines with intense colours and strong taste typical of the area.

Calabria is a region particularly rich in native vines. Mainly black grape varieties are cultivated in Calabria, among which the most famous and widespread is Gaglioppo, followed by Magliocco Canino, Nerello Mascalese, Nerello Cappuccio and Greco Nero. Nero d'Avola is also a very popular regional variety. Black grape varieties represent about 80% of the total production. Calabrian white grape varieties are Greco Bianco, Trebbiano Toscano, Montonico and Guernaccia.

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